Sunday, 29 April 2012

The unknown sketchbook

 I feel very lucky to have this sketchbook
I didn't sketch in this book
It belonged to my Dad and although some of the drawings look like his style of drawing
I think the book belongs to a friend of his called Mary.

I love it's simple lines and the colours in it. I feel very inspired to do some of these drawings however could never work into the book as I would feel like I was defacing it. I have seriously considered photopying some of the unfinished pages to use as a colouring book, does anyone have any ideas.


  1. It's beautiful work, I especially like the coloured houses. It's a wonderful source of inspiration...if you know where they were sketched you could do your own versions or something similar.

    1. The houses are my favourite. I would love to know where they are

  2. Jill - you're very fortunate to have these. I love the depth of the woodland scene and the harmonious colours of the houses (and the accompanying pencil(?)drawing).

    I see you do pen and ink sketches - something I never really mastered (I did an art class about 20 years ago, mainly pastels and water colours). I recently felt inspired to start again by these illustrations by a friend of my daughters':