Saturday, 30 November 2013

Kittens and cats

This is not normally an animal blog but I thought I would show these adorable kittens that my daughter rescued.
There are 3 of them and their mother was killed by a car the day she gave birth. 
 The people who had them lived on a farm and didn't have time to care for them, my daughter is currently out of work so said she would take care of them. At first she bottle fed them and did all the functions that a cat mother would do such as helping them to toilet, I often got texts regarding this and how well they were doing or how worried she was about them. Luckily we had found an excellent vets that didn't charge for consultations so they were able to check them out and give advice although they also admitted they hadn't dealt with anything so young without the mother so it would be trial and error
 Ariel is on the left and George is on the right, George had a glazed eye and it had to be removed as it grew so much it was pressing on his brain and could have killed him.
 In the meantime her cat Elvis had an accident and was run over, he needed emergency surgery on his paw and part of it was removed, he also needed daily visits to the vets after staying there for a few days. He was the favourite of the vets and the nurses and whenever we went there they would all rush around him making a fuss, he never goes in a box and sits on my daughters knee in the car with his head out the window. We got some funny looks with his colour on. His foot is healing although looks strange but the strangest thing is that he has taken over the role of carer from my daughter, he licks the kittens clean and has taught them how to use the litter tray. He snuggles them up and plays with them, I think they have helped him as much as he has helped them.
 This is George just after his op being fed. he doesn't need feeding anymore he can do that for himself.
Isn't he just gorgeous, he is the one I think she will keep. There is another kitten called Belle which is a tabby and totally gorgeous, I would love her but we already have a dog and a cat and the cat would not tolerate another animal in the house however cute.
My daughter did an excellent job with these kittens, up every hour to feed them, care for them and be mother to them. She read all the information on the internet and decided for herself what was reliable information. Most of the information states that most kittens have a mortality rate of 15-40% so she really didn't expect them all to survive. All three kittens are now 6 weeks old and should be going to their own homes soon just in time for Christmas, Ashleigh is very protective of them understandably and has found a loving home for one but is not sure if she has a home for the other and is quite worried about the naming of the kittens as well as wanting to make sure they have injections and are neutered so that may take a little longer. One of the kittens is missing from this post and I am unable to find her on my albums so that will be a follow on post

A walk near my home

I feel very lucky to live so close to the moors and often go on this walk well most days really.

I have a new phone and it takes better pics than my slr camer

Friday, 27 September 2013

Sunday, 15 September 2013

Sketches in ink

I have sketched an album cover from Phil Collins face value. I know it doesn't look like him but I'm hoping these regular exercises make me improve and I quite like scribbling. I can see lots of errors and I'm sure if I repeated the same picture a few more times I could improve but I know me and think I would get bored although I am now thinking I can do lots of smaller sketches
The next sketch was a still life and a list. I love making lists. This list appears to be just after my mum died and I was trying hard to hold things together. Some if the objects belonged to my mum and dad and where always around when I grew up. The flowers were ornamental onion seed heads that grew in my garden

Saturday, 14 September 2013

Back again after a long break

Hi its been a long time since I blogged or even visited blogland for many reasons.
I have been inspired to come back since I went to London on Thursday to see Cezanne's work in the National Gallery and the Courtauld gallery in Somerset house. I went to see his work specifically as I am about to embark on an Open University Degree on Arts and Humanities. The painting above is not one of his paintings but there was something about one of Cezannes paintings that reminded me of this painting my dad did for me in 1984.

Although the painting is not the same it was the outline of the mountains that reminded me of my Dads painting done in a thick dark medium. I wasn't keen on this and wondered why firstly my dad had done it as it didn't seem very realistic then when i saw Cezanne's painting I saw he had done it. The following morning I walked up on the moors and was thinking about ways of painting them when I noticed a thick black line between the mountain and the sky!!! why have I never seen this before. I have since rescued my Dads picture from the attic and will see how I live with it for a while. I have absolutely no right to critisize someone elses artwork though as I am definately not an artist but do like to have a go at drawing painting and generally making a mess. By Dad held successful art exhibitions and sold a lot of his work before I was born and I think Cezanne has lots of recognition even amongst people who are not interested in art.
Anyway I digress, I also went to the National Portrait Gallery and was absolutely blown away by the work in there and feel encouraged to start again, I did have a sketch to show you but for some reason am unable to upload it, it is not particularly good however I will keep at it and am sure I will improve as that is what happens with practice. I will aim to visit blogs again and if you have taken time to read my ramblings then Thankyou and I will try and be more interesting and blog more often about a variety of interests and maybe even some of my OU work will feature in here.

Sunday, 29 April 2012

The unknown sketchbook

 I feel very lucky to have this sketchbook
I didn't sketch in this book
It belonged to my Dad and although some of the drawings look like his style of drawing
I think the book belongs to a friend of his called Mary.

I love it's simple lines and the colours in it. I feel very inspired to do some of these drawings however could never work into the book as I would feel like I was defacing it. I have seriously considered photopying some of the unfinished pages to use as a colouring book, does anyone have any ideas.

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

More images of my quilt

I'm not really sure what is going on with putting pics on blogger at the moment but I can only put a maximum of 2 at a time on. If you want to see more images then please feel free to go over here to see more images.If you would like to do something similar you can go here as this is where I was inspired and karen is running a course again soon, well worth it if you ask me.
The inspiration for this quilt came as my Mum died July last year and I got a lot of hankies, tray cloths and table cloths. I knew Karen was running this course and I really felt I would like to do something with all these fabrics which went back through my family. I could have kept them all in a drawer as they were and bought them out for tea times but I don't live my life that way as much as I would love to my family would not appreciate sitting down to a fresh table cloth with linen napkins every day and i also don't have the time to sort it out so I hope my Mum and other relatives from my past would be pleased with this quilt. I know my Mum would be as she had previously seen Karen's work and loved it. She was always pleased with my work even if she did put a lot of it in the back of her wardrobe. It feels strange not showing it to her but I think she would be proud of it. I feel incredibly proud and want to show it off to everyone. Its strange as I have never felt like that about anything else. It will not be my last quilt for now I am sketching sections of it and thinking about the next quilt.